A GetYourMortgageHere.com licensed mortgage professional will consult with you about your requirements and explain the entire process. There is no obligation.

Why we do not offer an on-line mortgage application.  First of all it is highly recommended that you are interviewed by a seasoned licensed mortgage professional. Most internet company’s have you fill out an on-loan application.  Then someone will call you and review it. Then someone else will call you to review interest rates as federal law requires a licensed person to discuss rates. Your time is valuable; why would you want to spend your time filling out an on-line form only to find out you have to go over it again.  The information has to be exact and accurate not to mention documented by supporting documents.  We offer a better way.  Speak directly to a licensed mortgage professional who will set up a live on-line interview, review and discuss your situation, explain your options and review interest rates with you all at one time.  Regardless of a Purchase or Refinance transaction know your options, enjoy the educational experience you will receive and experience the difference.

Purchase Application
What could be more comforting than the peace of mind that goes with knowing your mortgage is fully approved?

Know the difference between a Pre-Qualification letter (Lender Letter) and a Loan Commitment (Pre-Approval Letter)!

A Loan Commitment lets the seller and real estate agents know they are working with a serious buyer, giving you a greatly improved negotiating position. Sellers are more apt to negotiate with someone who already has a mortgage approval in hand. Our mortgage professionals can accomplish your interview, interest rate questions, credit pull and Loan Commitment all in one telephone conversation.

Pre-Qualification Letter versus a Loan Commitment

Pre-Qualification is not a full mortgage approval, but an estimate of what you can afford. Remember that every home loan is unique.

Loan Commitment is a true mortgage commitment. In most cases, the commitment is a credit only approval and the commitment is void a property. Upon signing a purchase agreement, an appraisal will be ordered to confirm the property’s value against the purchase price.

Refinance Application Knowing your property value, current mortgage terms, interest rate and balance will be helpful information when speaking with one of our mortgage professionals. Without this information, we will be unable to advise you on your refinance request. We can assist you at no cost in determining your property value if required. If your refinance transaction involves debt consolidation (cash-out), a list of your current balances will be required in order for us to properly consult you.  We will gladly send you a list of information we will need to conduct your interview.  Simply call us!  303-488-0202 or complete our Contact Us form, you’ll be glad you did.