Local Neighborhood Profiles:

Finding a place to call home is the first and most important step of the process. That is why our mortgage brokers have come up with this guide to help you find the right neighborhood. Click on one of these links to find information on Local Neighborhood Statistics.

Buyers and Sellers

Home Inspection Kit
This guidebook is published by Freddie Mac and contains useful information you should know before purchasing a home.

Open a Door to Your Own Home
This guidebook is published by the Fannie Mae Foundation and contains useful information you should consider before purchasing a home.

Home Seller’s Disclosure Report is an independent source of information about insurance losses within the past five years.

Mortgages and Lending

All About Points
Find the information you need to know about how paying points can be either a benefit or a wrong decision.

Different Loan Programs
Getting a mortgage can be difficult and confusing. This section is designed to better educate you on what each program has to offer and which one would be best for your particular situation.

Why Rates Change
Get the knowledge on what impacts home loan rates on a day-to-day basis. If you have the data and can see the indicators, you may be able to better prepare yourself for the future.

Understanding Your FICO Score
You have heard the term, FICO Score, or credit score, in the past, but what does it really mean and how do creditors use it against you?

Getting the Most from Your Credit Card
Suggests do’s and don’t’s to manage your credit card account and help you maintain a high credit score.

Improving Your Credit Score
Explains how to obtain your credit report, how credit scores are determined, how to verify reported information and how to improve and maintain a good credit score.

Protecting Your Home from Foreclosure
Steps to take to protect your home from foreclosure. Also provides links to several websites for additional help.

A Consumer’s Guide to Mortgage Lock-Ins
Explains mortgage rate-locks—fees involved, options for setting terms, loan approval process and lender rate commitments. Provides a list of questions to ask your mortgage lender and tips to speed up the approval process.

A Consumer’s Guide to Mortgage Refinancing
Helps you answer the questions: Should I, can I, and how do I refinance my mortgage loan? Includes worksheets to help you determine whether refinancing will pay off for you and to help you shop for a mortgage loan to fit your financial situation. Also includes tips to help you through the refinancing process.

A Consumer’s Guide to Mortgage Settlement Costs
Outlines the fees involved in home purchase settlement, including mortgage and lender fees, and charges for establishing and transferring ownership. Provides information on settlement cost estimates and includes a settlement cost worksheet.

Consumer Handbook on Adjustable Rate Mortgages
Identifies the basic features of adjustable-rate mortgages: adjustment periods, interest rate caps, indexes and margins. Includes cautions about discounts, payment caps, negative amortization and prepayments. Provides a glossary of key terms and a checklist to compare mortgage lender rates.

Looking for the Best Mortgage: Shop, Compare, Negotiate
Guidance on identifying mortgage costs, comparing offers and negotiating the best loan terms. Provides a mortgage shopping worksheet and glossary of key terms.

Other Resources to Help Protect Your Information
Use this information to contact the different credit bureaus.